Future-Proof Technology

​​​All payment hardware and software are EMV-capable for chip card use

Reporting Server Software (RSS) provides a host of real time transaction diagnostics & alerts. In includes:
- Daily cash & credit reporting
- Peripherals warning
- Kiosk terminal management download server (TMS) access
- Remote dashboard access

Washboard Information Portals provide online access to information for the Operator, Management Company, and Residents

Today's route operator requires instant access to data. The Route Operator portal allows Operators to manage administrative functions related to Management Companies and review all statistics

The Resident Portal gives Residents access to:
- CleanView: A virtual view of the laundry room for any entity (resident /management / route operator) showing machine availability
- CleanAlert: SMS or Email notification of cycle completion
- Resident registration and Value Code purchase capability
- Access for residents to view account history and print receipts

The Management Portal allows Management Companies to access certain areas of the route’s reporting, including User Management, Machine View, and Machine Statistics 

Washboard web portals are available for Residents, Management Companies, and Route Operators.​
Non-networked & Networked Functions based on the building connectivity​.
Washboard encompasses a host of productivity products including CleanView (featuring CleanAlert) and Value Code website access.

CCM (Cloud Configuration Manager) allows all configuration to be controlled from any web-based interface, such as PC, smartphone, or tablet. Configuration of laundry systems are no longer tied to a PC.
The laundry system can be set up via setup cards, push via network, or via smartphone - giving the flexibility and choice for the right situation

 Our deployment management app for iOS & Android, KioSoft Laundry Manager (KLM), allows for setup across the entire product line via Bluetooth. It significantly reduces training for technicians and provides the ultimate ease of deployment. 

- New readers automatically show up in the onsite technician’s Control Panel.
- KNCP accesses the CCM to pull the desired configuration.
- The configuration is then communicated directly to the KioSoft device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Today's route operator requires an enhanced level of service - both internally and to its customers. KioSoft's Washboard Enterprise Tools provide an unparalleled level of convenience and decisioning

​​​​​All CleanReader solutions are BT capable for configuration and upgrade for use with