Future-Proof Technology

​​​All payment hardware and software are EMV-capable for chip card use

Providing powerful, unattended payment solutions to a variety of markets


Ultra CW

Contactless Vending Payment Solution

Ruggedized, TAP only car wash payment system


Contactless Car Wash Solution

Air / Vac Vending Solutions​

Ultra C

Vending Solutions

  • ​​EMV ​Chip, NFC, and mag stripe payment acceptance (model dependent)
  • Wireless connected for transactions and telemetry to our reporting system ​
  • Focused on solutions that provide efficiency and cost effectiveness 

Ultra TAP

TAP only, indoor vending machine payment solution

Flexible, ruggedized options for payments including:

  • Tap Only
  • Chip Card and Magnetic Swipe

​​​​​All CleanReader solutions are BT capable for configuration and upgrade for use with