​​​​​All CleanReader solutions are BT capable for configuration and upgrade for use with

Future-Proof Technology

​​​All payment hardware and software are EMV-capable for chip card use

KioSoft is the established industry leader for unattended payment solutions in Multi-Housing Laundry. We partner with Route Operators of all sizes to implement customized systems to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Our CleanPayMobile app has over 1 million users across North America. This number is growing rapidly!

Below are the core solutions for Route Laundry:

Full line of kiosks for use with our contactless Laundry Card

Allied Member

Flexible options for payments including contactless Laundry Card, credit/debit payment at the machine, and smartphone app payment with CleanPay Mobile

KioSoft: the #1 technology partner in Route Laundry.

Route Laundry

CleanReader Solutions​

CleanPay Kiosks​

The industry's easiest and most capable smartphone application for laundry

Web portals for Operators, Management Companies, & Residents/Users, as well as Deployment and Remote Management tools.