CleanReader Ultra delivers the flexibility residents demand. With its chip card ready, pay-at-the-machine capability, Ultra allows residents freedom from carrying a laundry card, as well as a balance on that card, for true, pay-per-use capability.

CleanReader Ultra provides a unique alternative to card-based systems. Ultra’s smart hardware design allows for easy installation and setup. Ultra’s intelligent, PCI-certified software allows route operators to tailor their system by offering multiple credit card authorization options.

CleanReader Solo (exclusively for CleanPayMobile)

CleanReader ​ Prime

CleanReader Solo

Choosing the right payment system for your customers’ laundry room is a critical cost decision. No two laundry installations are the same. The goal is to provide convenience and flexibility to residents, while maintaining the lowest burden to cost per machine.
CleanReader Solo and Solo Connect are designed specifically for use with CleanPayMobile. Solo is installed inside the machine’s control panel and provides Bluetooth connectivity with the resident’s phone. 

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Clean​Readercontactless card readers offer the best in security, ease of use for your customers, reduced maintenance, and the most capability of any reader in the market.

​​​​​All CleanReader solutions are BT capable for configuration and upgrade for use with

Future-Proof Technology

CleanReader Ultra

CleanReader Solo

   (shown inside the panel)

CleanReader Connect

CleanReader Solo Connect

​​​All payment hardware and software are EMV-capable for chip card use

CleanReader Solutions

CleanReader Contactless (Laundry Card)

CleanReader Ultra (pay at the machine)