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​​​All payment hardware and software are EMV-capable for chip card use

The self-service industry is typically comprised of technology aggregators, as opposed to technology innovators. KioSoft is the latter. We believe that innovation comes from ownership and control of the products we design. This single-source mentality is evident in everything we do​.


Providing complete solutions is the end game for KioSoft. Our single-source approach offers control over virtually every aspect of your project. 

KioSoft has been a technology leader in the Payments industry since 2002. Other kiosk manufacturers are reliant on a third parties (and their markups), as well as software providers, to build their technology. KioSoft is the single source. We manufacture the payment devices in our hardware, kiosk contactless readers, contactless cards, laundry machine contactless readers (CleanReader), card dispensers, receipt printers, and offer GPRS wireless option for communication.

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Advanced Technology

Critical Reporting

KioSoft clearly sets itself apart with it's Reporting Server Software (RSS). The RSS is a direct line to all the operator's kiosks in the field. Each kiosk reports the following to the RSS: 
  • Daily - Cash/Credit/Value Code receipt detail, kiosk uptime, low receipt paper / low contactless card inventory warning.  
  • Real Time - Peripheral errors, Credit card reversals.  Tools include: Value Code issuance for customer service refunds, real time errors reported to email (system wide or Group specific). 

Use of Credit and Debit cards eliminates cash collection and theft issues. All of our systems have EMV-compliant hardware and software for chip card transactions

Credit/Debit & EMV Ready

Our systems are all ready for Ethernet connection or the latest wireless Wi-Fi and GPRS communication; like our payment terminals. You have a choice of the latest communication methods to meet your customers’ needs.

Network Ready

Security Expertise

With network communication, security becomes even more vital. Systems are now open to hacking from the worldwide Internet. KioSoft has the security to work securely over the Internet. We are using our PCI certified technology for our payment solutions. This PCI security is not only used for payments but for the communication and security of our items like any of our connected readers. We are the only vendor to use a secure chip in our design to securely hold all the secure keys. This is the highest security level achievable.  
The world is moving to contactless technology for its security, convenience, and robustness. Contactless laundry readers and cards are much more durable and vandalism resistant.

Contactless Technology

​​​​​All CleanReader solutions are BT capable for configuration and upgrade for use with